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Relax and Conquer Radio hosted by Brad Davidson and Ruth Anderson Horrell will guide you through real world proven strategies to Reset and Optimize your Metabolism giving you limitless energy. Exercise strategies to build a body that breeds the confidence, strength, and stamina to live life aggressively while maintaining a resiliency to stress, and lifestyle strategies to produce balance allowing you to experience joy and fulfillment while avoiding the fatigue and overwhelm that plagues so many high achievers today.
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Aug 18, 2016

In this first episode of Relax and Conquer Radio Ruth and Brad explore the world of cold therapy.  We've all seen the athlete jump into a tub of ice water after training or performing to enhance recovery, and most recently the trend of Whole Body Cryotherapy has become a hot topic. Whole Body Cryotherapy is the strategy of standing in a chamber that exposes the body to subzero temperatures sometimes as low as -200 degrees Fahrenheit for 2-4 minutes. But, the question remains.... Do these cold therapies provide the benefits we have been promised?  Like most theories in fitness, nutrition, and performance the research is very unclear.  The claims of reducing inflammation, accelerating muscular recovery, enhancing fat loss are not solidified in good science.  

In Episode 1 Ruth and Brad explore the research that is out there, and share real life experiences as athletes and coaches.  Everything from Ruth going blind for an hour after an ice bath done following an event at the Crossfit games, to Brad experiencing positive benefits of controlled ice tubs at the US Olympic Training Facilities.  The reality is some people love cold exposure and swear by it, while others despise it!  Either way there are some commonalities of benefits discovered in the research and some claims that continue to be falsified by the research. If you have questions after listening to the episode email them to Ruth and Brad at 

Enjoy the show and remember "Relax and Conquer!"

  • almost two years ago
    Derek Parkes
    Great talk guys! We love a plunge in an icey stream when we go on a hard tramp (overnight hiking for you Brad!) Personally can't manage the full 10 minute cryo thing, a few seconds is all I can stand! But still - hugely invigorating. Maybe the massive adrenal surge then resolution acts like a reset button? After all, you ARE going to die if you stay in there too long! Other stressors are shown in their true light - only relatively important. Secondly, really interested in HRV. Could you do a full podcast on it sometime?
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